Proudly made and assembled in the USA




  • Can be used for small animals as well as large animals

  • Has been used for acupuncture treatment, spinal manipulation (“chiropractic”) treatment, grooming, massage, and rehabilitation treatments and by many other licensed health care professionals since 1998!

  • Light, durable, safe, and convenient!

Bale with cover: $298.00 each (call for shipping cost)
Replacement bale Cover Only: $210.00 each (call for shipping cost)

Form: Bale Order Form

Please send the filled & signed form to (We will contact you with the final shipping charges based on the mailing information that you provide):
Healing Oasis Wellness Center
2555 Wisconsin St.
Sturtevant, WI 53177-1825
Phone: 262-898-1680
Fax: 262-886-6460
US Toll free: 866-203-7584

               Available in Purple, Green, Black or Blue