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Comments from Students – Testimonials

I was at first overwhelmed with the intensity of the program. I wanted it to be easier, more immediate. Then, as I began to have breakthroughs with the palpation and adjustments, I realized this was only just the first step… the beginning of a new branch in my career. Now that I have completed the program, there is constantly homework and reading to do with each case I see for VSMT and the work continues to be challenging. However, I am able to rise up to meet each challenge because of the reward in the results that I am seeing. I don’t need to “sell” what I do to pet owners, because the results speak for themselves. I love being able to fix things without sending home a pill. Instead, the owners are sent home with homework which strengthens the bond they have with their pets.
Dr. Kate Carlson, WI.

“Competency is a requirement of graduation, and is ensured by rigorous training provided by faculty with excellent qualifications, knowledge base and teaching styles.”
Dr. Ann Seedfelt, MN.

To future students of HOWC: The VSMT program is not easy, but then I did not expect it to be. The program is not designed or intended to be just a set of classes on techniques; If the horse / dog is doing XYZ you adjust the PSIS on the right and …”. This course is great for giving you tools to integrate musculoskeletal and neurological problems and come up with a plan on how to treat a patient. You are given enough information to protect yourself from drowning in a sea of information on the emerging field of “functional neurology”. I think Dr. Rivera, Michelle and the instructors are proud of the students and the school, and want to produce a group of Veterinarians and Chiropractors that they would readily recommend to work on an animal. All of the exams, both written and practical are directed toward that goal.
Phillip Topham, DVM, MS, Mantua, OH.

“Excellent one on one attention, tons of hands on, would highly recommend this program! One of my friends asked if I would do it again, I told him to get himself in the progam and to tell me! ABSOLUTELY, it is worth the effort!
Dr. Dawn VandeCastle, Markesan, WI.

“Finally, a teaching program that addresses the WHY of VSMT as opposed to merely the how. A teaching program that focuses attention on the individual student instead of the class, encouraging each one to graduate with maximum technical skills as well as an all encompassing knowledge of how VSMT affects the whole body”.
Dr. Sue Ann Lesser, South Huntington, NY.

I am a June 6th, 2006 HOWC graduate and a practicing veterinarian for 26 years. The HOWC – VSMT program changed the way that I practice (now 50% of work is VSMT related) and has brought back joy to my work!”
Dr. Dennis Ostrander, Forest Lake, MN.

“The most helpful thing for me with the HOWC program was all the hands on time we had! It was very good for solidifying everything learned in class. Plus the small group size made sure that everyone had a chance to work on the animals as well as to get different ideas from the TA’s”.
Dr. Pam Graves, Petoskey, MI.

“For the past few years, my chiropractic colleagues have asked me where It got my VSMT training. I explained to the them that the only school they should consider is the Healing Oasis. First, because of the level of excellence in teaching, Dr Rivera goes to extreme measures to ensure that all of his students absolutely “get it”. Second, because the student – teacher ratio is usually only 3:1 and sometimes even less, so there is tons of time and opportunity for everyone to get lots of hands-on experience, no one slips through the cracks. And third, because it was a great learning environment and I made lasting friendships with some really great people! We still call each other to consult on cases. I couldn’t imagine having gone anywhere else for my training!
Dr. Josee Gerard, Lino Lake, MN.

I had a wonderful experience at the Healing Oasis. The education is intense, the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and always around for answers. The small classes guarantee you tons of hands on time, a lot of attention from the instructors, whether you like it or not. I started this program with what I thought was an understanding of chiropractic. After completing it, “I get” how powerful chiropractic medicine is and feel an excitement that I have never had before. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.
Seth Nelson, DC, MN.

“I started off being certified in acupuncture and had heard from many people that acupuncture and spinal manipulative therapy can work in concert. I have found this to be true, however, I have also found that adjusting pets can be a stand alone treatment as well. It can be added to any practice (conventional or integrative). The course at the Healing Oasis was touted as being the best in the country. This turned out to also be true. Dr Rivera and all of the instructors take their job of educating students seriously and provide a solid anatomic and neurologic approach to this modality, and has an amazing cast of speakers to teach segment of the class. I am glad that I chose to go there. Also given that his course was already approved by a recognized educational approval board (State of Wisconsin) and now national accreditation recognized by the US Dept. of Education, I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else”
Dr. James Carlson, Columbus, OH.

A unique approach that is truly functional in explaining why VSMT works. The class work and hands on experience build off each other often creating “aha” moments. My hospital staff, partners and a growing number of clients have recognized that VSMT can be a powerful tool in their pets health care. You will leave this program with more questions than answers due to the inspiration of Dr. Rivera and the excellent instructors. The class size is a HUGE benefit ensuring every student got the time and individual instruction to “get it”. In only wish I had learned this 10 year ago..”
Dr. Michael Fulgione, Green Bay, WI.

“The Healing Oasis Spinal Manipulative program is the most intensive and best CE I have ever participated in. Strong scientific support was presented for the core concepts. In addition small laboratory groups assured all students were able to perform therapies in a very competent manner.”
Dr. Jason Fusco (DACVS), New York.

“I felt that the class was very hands on and practical. I have been integrating the spinal manipulation into my western medicine lameness evaluations, and have been able to help animals that the orthopedic specialists couldn’t help. The course and program provides practice tips you will use right away. It has helped me to expand my alternative practice and allowed me to be a more complete practitioner, offering spinal manipulation or acupuncture depending on the case needs and the owners desire”.
Dr. Susan Cechner, Elburn, IL.

“I felt that the program was very thorough with a wonderful emphasis on the research and neurology behind Veterinary Spinal Manipulation. The knowledge gained in the course has fostered my own passion for neurology and rehabilitation. The more I practice the more I want to learn. It is the best course out there if you want to learn not only how to perform spinal manipulation but to truly understand the why of it”.
Dr. Cara White, Blaine, MN.