Advanced SMT (“Chiropractic”) Techniques for the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis, Sacrum and Pelvic Limbs @ Healing Oasis Wellness Center
Aug 14 @ 2:00 pm – Aug 16 @ 12:30 pm

Speakers: Daniel Halden, DC, PAK, CAC, CVMRT and Pedro Luis Rivera, DVM, FACFN, DACVSMR, FCoAC

Synopsis: As we practice, we will encounter some cases that will not repond as well by utilizing “basic techniques”.  Our goal is to provide the attendees with an array of other techniques that might help the doctors achieve treatment and recovery goals.

Total # of CE contact hours = 18

Come join us!!!  Link to the application form: 2020_CE_ApplicationForm_L_LS_P_PLimb

Proposed schedule: 2020_ProposedSchedule_AdvancedChiropractic_L_LS_P_PLimb

Using Applied Kinesiology to Improve Outcomes (Cranial adjusting, Endocrine, and Visceral Integration) @ Healing Oasis Wellness Center
Oct 8 – Oct 10 all-day

Total number of CE contact hours = 22hrs (twenty-two).

Main speaker:  Daniel Halden, DC, PAK, CAC, CVMRT

This CE seminar will focus on better integrating Applied Kinesiology into your practice.  We will look at aspects of Applied Kinesiology as a technique, and as a system for understanding the clinical picture.  We will build on your current understanding of Applied Kinesiology, whatever that might be.  Our goal is to also discuss AK as it applies to cranial adjusting, endocrine, and visceral systems.  However, we would like the seminar to address the specific needs of the attending students.  Although the proposed topics include: Update on muscle testing, the triad of health, five factors, anatomy, physiology of CSF, cranial faults, muscular consideration, among others, please note that we will adapt to the interests and needs of those in attendance.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at .

PS: Therer will be plenty of hands-on.  Get ready to learn, integrate and have fun doing so.

Application form: 2020Oct_AK-ToImproveOutocomes_RegForm

Proposed schedule: 2020_AK_ImproveOutcomes_Sched&Outline

CE Approval:

TOTAL OF 22 CONTACT HOURS will be provided in this seminar.

Approved for CE by the College of Animal Chiropractors (total of 22 contact hours).  If approved by CoAC or AVCA, it is automatically accepted for IVCA.

Approved by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) and the Healing Oasis Wellness Center: 22 contact hours.

Approved by the MN Board of Chiropractic Examiners:Pending

Co-Sponsorship by the AHVMA (22 contact hours).  PENDING

The AHVMA is a House of Delegate recognized institution and as such CE is automatically approved by several state boards: AK, CA, IL, IN, NE, NJ, NY, OR, PA, TN, VA, WI, WV.  Please note that states granting approval to courses that are approved by “another state board” include: GA, LA, MA, RI, UT

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) for 22hrs of CE: PENDING


2020 Healing Oasis Conference @ National University of Health Sciences
Nov 13 @ 1:00 pm – Nov 15 @ 2:00 pm
The main theme for this conference = Biomechanics, and Performance – The Perfect Marriage
Dates: Nov 13th – 15th, 2020
Location: National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL
Main hotel: Crowne Plaza, has a nice discount with breakfast and WiFi.  Complete list of local hotels=NUHS Area Hotels_Transportation_Directions
Speakers include:
Hilary Clayton, BVMS, Ph. D., DACVSMR; Gregory Cramer DC, Ph. D., Dean Research; Timm Gudehus, DVM, DACVS; Kevin Haussler, DVM, DC, Ph.D., DACVSMR.; Andrea Henderson DVM, DACVSMR; Travis Henry, DVM, DAVDC, DAVDC/Eq.; Rosemary LoGiudice DVM, DACVSMR; Mitch Lowrey, DVM, CVSMT, ISELP Cert.; Kelly E. MacQueen, JD.; Julia Tomlinson, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMR, CVSMT; and Pedro Rivera, DVM, DACVSMR.
Friday: General session
Saturday: First two hours will be a general session, then Small Animal Track and Equine Track
Sunday: General session
Synopsis of presentations 2020_Lecture topics&Synopsis
Full conference registration 2020_Full_ConferenceApplicationForm
Partial conference registration 2020_Day_TwoDay_ConferenceApplicationForm
Web-based conference = coming soon
If you are a chiropractic or veterinary student, and would like to attend, please contact our office directly (
Come join us and find out why we are HOLISTIC VETERINARY LEARNING AT ITS BEST!